KOKKO SHOKUDO (English Page)

KOKKO SHOKUDO is near Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Our restaurant is in Bise hukugi tree street.

Please come and enjoy special Okinawan Foods.

● Notice of closure ●

We will be closed for maternity leave from April 30th to the end of July.

Please check this WEBSITE if you will be coming to the store after August because the period may vary depending on the situation.

We are sorry to inconvenience you.


Jidori-Ogon-Soba (Okinawa Soba) ¥850

Okinawa Soba topped with garlic-flavored chicken and fluffy egg.

It contains a patented collagen soup.

Jidori Keihan ¥1050

Jidori Keihan is the Ryukyu dynasty Imperial Court cuisine.

It contains various ingredients such as garlic-flavored chicken,

eggs and vegetables on rice, and pour the chicken soup over it.


●Jasmine flavored Japanese tea  

●Shikuwasajuice (Okinawan citrus juice) 

●canned cola

●canned beer

●alcohol-free canned beer




●Kori Zenzai (Shaved ice with sweet red kidney beans and rice cake)   

*During the summer months only

●Kakigori (Shaved ice mango or Strawberry flavor)

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