KOKKO SHOKUDO (English Page)

KOKKO SHOKUDO is near Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium.

Our restaurant is in Bise hukugi tree street.

Please come and enjoy special Okinawan Foods.

Opening Hours


close Wednesday


Jidori-Ogon-Soba (Okinawa Soba) ¥950

Okinawa Soba topped with garlic-flavored chicken and fluffy egg.

It contains a patented collagen soup.

Jidori Keihan ¥1150

Jidori Keihan is the Ryukyu dynasty Imperial Court cuisine.

It contains various ingredients such as garlic-flavored chicken,

eggs and vegetables on rice, and pour the chicken soup over it.


●Jasmine flavored Japanese tea   200

●Shikuwasajuice (Okinawan citrus juice)  200

●cola 200

●canned beer 400

●alcohol-free canned beer 300

●Awamori 500

Payment can be made in cash or PayPay.

Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards.

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